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Eva Schultz lives in the Chicago suburbs, where she is a business writer by day and a fiction writer and artist by night. She began writing as a young child, inspired by Russell and Lillian Hoban’s Frances picture books, creating her own series about chipmunks. Throughout high school and college, she published with her schools’ literary magazines, then moved on to drafting novels and writing/submitting short stories to various publications.

After an extended break from creative writing, in 2016, she came back to this lifelong love with a new zest, taking part in many writing contests, submitting to new online magazines, and joining Scribes United, an online writers’ group.

She loves to write emotional, character-driven stories set in science fiction and magical settings. She collects antique typewriters and puts them to use in her writing work, often writing first drafts at her favorite coffee shop.

Eva started as an artist during her freshman year of high school, learning from her all-time favorite teacher. After 3 ½ years of high school art classes and a painting class in college, she took up drawing on her own as an occasional hobby.

Through years of involvement with the Society of Creative Anachronism, she learned calligraphy, and through the monthly subscription service ArtSnacks, she expanded her experience with a variety of art supplies. Today, her favorite media are watercolors and pen and ink. She especially loves creating portraits of people and pets.

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